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  • book seller and author in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, England
  • Melanchthonschule im Steinatal, bei Treysa in Hessen
  • University de Madrid, Universite d'Aix-en-Provence, Universita di Perugia
  • winner in Faringdon poetry competition, her poems published in many anthologies and magazines. One of her first poems in Spanish was included in nobel prize winner's Vicente Aleixandre's 80th birthday homenage
  • Publikationen (Gedichte, Photographie) u.a. in englisch oder deutsch:
    • Einfach nur das Fühlen von Zwischenräumen (Gedichtband, Peacock Press 2004)
    • In Search of the Other (poems, The Elkir Press 2005)
    • Drafting Driftwood (2007, a collection of poems containing the book of inner space, the book of loss and death, the book of love and feeling, the book of tales)
    • Merely the feeling for spaces (The Elkir Press 2011)
    • minimalistics (Self-publishing blurb books, 2011)
    • On change - Poetry & digital art (Self-publishing blurb books, 2011)
    • Alterations - digital art, (Self-publishing blurb books, 2011), this book is about my model Delphine...facets of a personality and a magical life
    • Das was die Blumen blühend macht (Gedichtband, Self-publishing blurb books, 2014)uw
    • OUTBRANCHING (Cerasus Poetry, 2018)
    • I fill my poems with words:
      a message in a bottle,
      sent out in the hope
      that someone, somewhere,
      finds it washed up on

      I set my poems afloat
      to maybe reach a heart
      - someone’s, somewhere -
      that reads between the lines
      and knows and knows...

    in English, Cerasus Poetry 2019

    £ 7.99 ISBN 978-1790371846

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