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To cry

To cry, it means
to create tears.

It means to speak with
a language that does not lie.

A tear is a word of the heart.

So I cry.

The pain is beauty,
if you can cry.
A beauty build by the words of the heart.

A tear touches your soul,
the truth in this moment you know.

An idea from the ocean of the soul
The salt tear that to create I would.

I wish to cry, because
Everything is a lie.

A tear, the word of the
deepest in my soul.
Touches my palms and I see
what’s important to be.

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Touch from the beauty     

Touch from the beauty that I did not known,
on the deepest of my soul.

Feeling the fine rain of emotions,
that take me to the land of Poetry.

My soul takes the given form
of beauty , and the rain of feelings is
changing to the storm of unity.

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The four elements

A salt tear is creating on my Eyes,
coming  from the See of emotions in me.

The Air in my soul is Ionised
and  awaiting the rain of beauty.

The fire is wilder because the wind is

The water is hidden in the Clouds on
the sky, strongly awaiting the contact together.
Everything is completely waiting for
 the storm of emotional fire.

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